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Why Is Headband Wig So Popular Among Women ?

 Last updated Nov.05,2020

Human hair headband wigs have been so popular among women these days. Together with their growing fame, there increases the demand for them to meet the customers’ needs. That why headband wig human hair was born. Hence, today UNice is going to share with you one of the most hot-search hairpieces recently, namely Headband Wigs!

Human Hair Beginner Friendly Headband Wig

What You Will Learn From This Article:

  • What is Headband Half Wig?

  • Feature of headband half wig

  • How to Wear Headband Wig?

  • Advanrages of Headband wig

  • Benefits of headband wig

  • Reviews of Headband Wig

First,What is Headband Half Wig?

Body wave headband wig

It’s essentially a human hair half wig with a headband sewed on to it. These are the most beginner friendly wigs ever! You can literally throw it on and go.

This headband wig literally saved me from being late to an appointment the day it came in. You can wear this wig to run errands, workout, days you just don’t feel like doing your hair, but don’t want to look a mess etc. IYou can also jazz it up with different headbands and different styles, it’s super versatile.

Feature of headband half wig

headband half wig

Designed to utilize your own hair/hairline. You cover the front of the wig with your hair. You can wear your hair out to cover the line or a headband or scarf. So fashion and cute. Great for daily wear, theme party, cosplay, or any other occasion.

New glueless headband wig human hair, fit all heads and it allows u to show your own natural hairline, none lace front wigs, but velcro snapping design makes it easy to wear during several minutes and you can aslo make ponytail or hair bun. Yes! Save time and new fashion , u can wear it in any occasions!

How to Wear Headband Wig?

How to Wear Headband Wig?

Yes! just 3-10 minutes, u can wear Headband Wig! Save Time And Make u look More Gorgeous and Chic !!!

  • Brush your natural hair
  • Wear and clip the wig
  • Wear headband u like and do style(Items per Package:1x Curly Human Hair Wig With Headband, And 2x Beautifuland Soft Headbands)

Wear Headband Wig!! Just Restyle as u Like! And show your own baby hair!!!

Advanrages of Headband wig.

Easy to use, put on & go. | High quality headband wigs

You can make a ponytail or bun according to yourself, makes your wig more realistic. Glueless, special design to secure your wig, show your natural hairline perfectly. Shipped out in 24h. Free shipping. 100% money back. Lowest price for u. Limited time sale!

The real beginner friendly wig | new headband wig

No part makes it look more blended, most suitable for doing half up, half down hair style. With the band it is more secure to wear, the most cost-efficient/affordable human hair wig. 7 days no reason return. Fast free shipping.

Headbands wigs | 2020 last trending products

headband wig canprotect your own edge. The most cost-efficient /affordable human hair wig.Super soft. Non lace wig, easy to wear and take off. The best choice for your first wig.

Different styles according to your mood|super natural look

Headbands wigs come in many color & pattern options. No-slip headbands for your active lifestyle! Fits any size head. Stay-in-place headbands. Choose from many colors.Shop unice today!

No worries about hairline anymore| perfect fit

headband wigs are great protective styles for beginners, auick and convenient hairstyles.Shop online. Safe payment. 30 days refund guarantee. Track your order. Fully safe & secure.

Now,let’s talking about the benefits of headband wig.

1.Protect Your Edges Well

The wigs can protect your hair edges well because it uses no glue within the least.There is no lace for headband wigs. You don’t need to spend time cutting lace within the least, and you don’t need to apply glue on your scalp. this may prevent bad-quality glue from damaging your health and protect your skin.

2.Quick & Easy To Wear

The headband wig is extremely convenient. you are doing not need to spend time wearing the human hair wig. you’ll put it on your head directly, use any headband to repair your hair, and just adjust it. Compared to wearing a lace frontal wig, you merely need to spend about ten minutes to put on the wig, while wearing a lace wig will take 1-2 hours. Also, headband Wigs are Great Hairstyles for beginners.

3.Convenient With No Lace And No Glue

Human hair headband wigs are Very light, they are not as heavy as other lace front human hair wigs, but they’re going to also cover the entire scalp. Wearing a head wig will feel as light and breathable as natural hair, which is extremely suitable for decent weather.

4.Super Natural Look 

Wig headband makes people fashionable and atmospheric. you’ll buy a headband long wig and a couple of great quality lace frontal wigs and headband human hair wigs on reliable Hair Factory. The highlight of the wig is on the headscarf, you’ll buy a headband in multiple colors and patterns and choose your favorite headband to match your mood or the color of the clothes.

5.With headband wigs, no more bad hair

You can say goodbye to bad hair day.It works perfectly on a ‘bad hair day’ or a twist out or a lazy day. Match your dress, tops, or any outfits for normal and special occasions including going to church.

6.Different styles according to your mood

Daily use halloween, cosplay, costume, theme parties, bachelorette party, weddings, dating, conventions, masquerades, prom, evening out, carnival, april fool’s day and any other occasions. Also will be nice gifts for your friends and families. Women of any age can have beautiful hair that gives you comfort and charm.


It has the same changeable curl and color as the traditional wigs. It is more suitable for novices to wear.

It is easy to put on and take off. For women who are busy studying and working.

In terms of its convenience to wear, it can save a lot of time, and it only takes two to three minutes to install.

If you have time, you can create a variety of styles like traditional wigs to meet different occasions.

Therefore, the headband has become a well-deserved hot item.

If you want a young beauty that can make your hair fuller and longer, Headband Wigs are a good choice.

Reviews of Headband Wig

This is by far the most EASIEST wig I’ve ever installed before. This #HeadbandWig is so convenient it’s a great #BeginnerWig and a great option for #ProtectiveStyles Very easy to blend your #NaturalHair with the headband half wig. Most importantly this wig does not require any lace, glue, plucking of the hairline or bleaching of the knots !

This wig is so versatile and it’s definitely a quick “put it on and go” wig . There’s multiple styles you can do with it . It’s really thick and fluffy, it tangles a little and minimal shedding when i washed the hair i received little to no shedding.

When I washed the hair I received little to no shedding.The hair didn’t tangle or was heavy or hard after i applied products. You can wear the wig in its natural state or wet and wavy and both are equally bomb! I would recommend this wig to someone who is beginner friendly.

Buy headband 3/4 and half wigs transform your locks in an instant.

Our amazing, no hassle headband wigs give you all the benefits of a traditional half wig, but with the added bonus of being on a simple and easy to wear headband. So now you can achieve length and volume like never before. Choose from a festival worthy plaited headband half wig or a classic black stretch headband. Colour options include black, browns, blondes and 99j for colour match perfection.

Straight headband wig

More new trending headband wig available:click here;New arrival headband wig

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Do Glueless Wigs Fall Off?

 Last updated Aug.14,2020

For many people, the main concern is always whether the wig with glue will harm their skin or not. Many wigs come with glue to permanently attach them to the head of the wearer. On the other hand, some wigs don’t come with glue. They are referred to as glueless wigs. In this article, we focus on the glueless wigs; its benefits, and how to wear it. Continue reading to learn more.


1.What is a glueless wig?

2.Can glueless wigs fall off?

3.Benifits of glueless wigs.

4.How to apply glueless wigs?

1.What Is A Glueless Wig?

what is a glueless wig?

Glueless wigs are hand-knotted to offer a natural look. These types of wigs can stay on the head without using tape or glue adhesive. Women wear this type of wig for various reasons. Some wear them to enhance their appearance, while some wear them to conceal hair loss.

Additionally, you can remove glueless wigs easily at night without damaging your natural hair. Since they have no tape or glue, glueless wigs are suitable for people with sensitive skin. It causes no allergic reaction, as well.

If you are not planning to wear a hairpiece for a long period, glueless wigs are the best option. Glueless wigs are the safest types of natural hair wigs in the market. Majority of wigs need adhesive such as glue or tape in order to stay firmly on the head, but glueless wigs don’t need any of that.

2.Can Glueless Wigs Fall Off?

Can glueless wigs fall off?

Being that these types of wigs don’t come with glue or tapes, it doesn’t mean that they can easily fall off. You can wear glueless wigs daily without any fear of it getting flown off. You simply adjust the strap to perfectly fit the head. Glueless wigs offer great convenience. They can also give you that gorgeous hair without much effort.

The adjustable straps are inside the wig. There are also combs on the sides that keep the hair safe in place and keep it a safe attachment. Like any other type of wigs, glueless wigs are also made of different materials such as a lace, mono, mono silk, etc. It helps wig users to maintain a natural hairline, which makes them feel like natural hair. Glueless wigs don’t stretch your natural locks, making them the safest hair system to buy.

Glueless wigs are readily available in the market. You can find them on reputable sites such as Alibaba, Amazon, AliExpress, etc

3.Benefits Of Glueless Wigs

Benefits of glueless wigs

There are plenty of benefits one will enjoy by wearing a glueless wig. Some of these benefits include:

Easy to use and remove

One of the top benefits of glueless wigs is that they require minimal effort to attach. You simply adjust a strap in the back to keep it on the scalp. You can also use a wig grip or headband to keep the wig secure. It is also easy to remove the wig. You can remove when you are going to sleep without using a remover.

It is a safe option for people with sensitive scalp

There are women who have allergic reactions to chemicals found in the tape or glue adhesive. But the quality glueless wigs can increase the comfort for the users since they don’t need adhesive to attach. Glueless wigs are safe for both your scalp and tresses. In addition to that, these types of wigs allow your natural hair to move freely underneath and breathe easily.

They can cover the whole head

Glueless wigs, particularly glueless full lace wigs can cover the whole head. All hair strands are sewn into the wig cap. You can also part it whenever you desire. Remember to choose a glueless hair wig that matches the shape of your face.

Glueless wigs offer natural hairline and even different hairstyles

Glueless wigs mix well with natural hair, creating a natural hairline and real appearance. If you want to achieve a gorgeous hairstyle, choose the glueless bob wigs. If the wig is made of human hair, you can restyle and dye it according to your needs. Glueless wigs are also quite flexible.

They protect your natural hair

This type of wig not only enhances your look but it also protects your natural hair and scalp. It protects the hair against sun rays, smoke, and dust.

4.How To Apply Glueless Wigs?

How to apply glueless wigs?

If you are not planning to wear a wig for a long time or you are just looking for a wig to wear for an occasion, the glueless wig is the best option. So how can you put on a glueless wig? Here is how you can do that:

First, you need to prepare your natural hair. You can braid it or tie it in a low ponytail. You can opt to wear a cap or not as it’s all up to you. The next thing is to put the wig on your head and adjust it. Fix the wig until it fits your head perfectly; not too loose or tight. Then adjust the strap at the back of your head. After you have put the wig perfectly on your head, the next thing you need to do is to trim the excess lace. Then you can part it and style it as you wish.

Final words

Generally, the glueless wigs are easy to use and they are affordable, as well. They come in different colors and styles to meet your requirements. If you are looking for a glueless wig to blend with your natural hair, you will easily find one.

If you are experiencing hair loss, may be as a result of health issues or you are suffering baldness, this type of wig will offer you the best solution. It will help you feel confident and enhance your self-esteem. It is also an excellent option if you want a new look for just a short time. Whether you are looking for a straight, long, short, or curly wig, you can easily get a glueless wig that meets all your requirements. Get yourself a glueless wig today and give yourself a new look!