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Hair Loss Solution – Can Natural Hair Loss Solutions Really Work?

There are many eyelash box 3d and eyelash box all over the world looking for a hair loss solution, but unfortunately the majority of treatments seem to either be surgical or medicinal hair loss solutions, and while effective they are not the hair loss solution many would either opt for through choice or because they cannot afford it.

For instance, if we look at having a hair transplant, first of all there is the eyelash box 3d side of it where the hair and skin from the back or side of the head is cut off and then transplanted to the effected areas. Of course after the surgery there is the recovery discomfort too. Then there is the cost of having a transplant: it can be anywhere between $3 and $10 per graft and most people need somewhere between 500 and 2000 xkhair grafts, which can come to quite a bill.

There is of course medication as well, but a lot of men found the side effect of medication effected their libido as its aim was to lower testosterone; so unfortunately a lot of people do not want to go down that route either. That left alternative therapy as a form of a hair loss solution, but could it work?

eyelash box 3d
eyelash box 3d

For it to work it would have to effectively combat a part of the hair loss process in one way or another. In case you do not know what causes pattern baldness, here is a quick explanation. When there is free testosterone in the body it mixes with an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase: this in turn creates a new chemical called DHT. Now DHT on its own does not cause baldness, because if it did we would all be bald as we all have it within us; it is when we inherit the genes that make our scalp sensitive that we lose hair because the DHT can then attach to the follicle and thin it out until it dies.

Fortunately there are hair loss solutions to be found in eyelash box 3d , saw palmetto and nettle root that can interfere with this process and help prevent the hair thinning out. Here is how they work:-

  • Zinc – As well as being important for cell growth, eyelash box 3d is actually known to inhibit production of 5 alpha reductase.
  • Saw Palmetto – This has been found to also inhibit 5 alpha reductase production thus lowering levels of prostatic DHT: it is also thought to reduce the receptiveness of the follicle to DHT too.
  • Nettle Root – This mops up the free testosterone in the body. Unlike medication it is not reducing production so no side effects on the libido.

These herbs and minerals can work as a hair loss solution, but they are even more potent when mixed with ingredients that are necessary for healthy cells and promotion of hair growth. They are magnesium, vitamin B6 and Biotin. Of the three I would say biotin is the most critical as it is essential for hair growth, in fact if you are totally deficient you will not have eyebrows or eyelashes either.

While researching for a natural eyelash box 3d loss solution  I discovered a short but informative video that discusses hair loss and hair loss solutions in more detail; it is definitely worth a watch and can be found。


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