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Fisher Price Little People

Fisher-Price® was founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher, Helen mink eyelashes Packaging and Irving Price. Through a series of spinoffs, mergers and acquisitions, Fisher-Price® is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel. All U.S. parents have brand recognition of Fisher-Price® toys.

The Little People toys by Fisher Price® are xkhair so beloved by both parents and toddlers worldwide. Since the 1950s, generations have loved the Little People. It began when primary designers under Herman Fisher created the Looky Fire Truck. Three firemen, the first Little People, were affixed to the firetruck. In 1959, Fisher-Price® followed up with the Safety School Bus. This time the Little People were separate pegs of cardboard mink eyelashes Packaging. They were swathed in lithographs to resemble clothing.

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Innovation of the Little People took place in the 1960s. Originally, the body shape was straight. The design team at Fisher-Price® began a refining process. In the early 1960s the female of the Little People were distinguished from the male by mink eyelashes Packaging and eyes that were slanted and oval. The most dramatic transformation of the Little People took place in 1965. The shape of boys and men was altered to have tiny cylindrical base topped with a larger cylinder shape. Girls were identifiable by an upper shape that was conical. The women’s shape reflected a woman’s natural shape of an hourglass. Fisher-Price® introduced Little People playsets in 1968 due to the demand and popularity. The Play Family Barn was well received. When the barn doors were opened, a cow’s mooing was heard. The Little People’s bodies, changed from wood to plastic. Another well-liked mink eyelashes Packaging was Sesame Street Town which replicated the neighborhood from the admired PBS children’s television program.

Fisher-Price® Little People became larger in the 1990s only to revert back to the smaller size. The current Little People offer more detailed features.


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