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Asian Makeup – How to Do Beautiful Smokey Eyes

All over the world you will find women sporting the smokey eye look these days. This look is Asian makeup inspired and gives any woman an elegant and classic look. Traditionally, black and brown are used to achieve the look, but any color that matches your clothing can be used popular false eyelash .

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To begin the process, start by applying a concealer and foundation just as you normally would in your makeup routine.

If you curl your eye lashes you should also go ahead and do this as popular false eyelash popular false eyelash well.

Now, using a small brush and some white eyeshadow, brush the shadow from the corner of the eye to the bottom of the brown bone on the outside.

With the same brush, you can now brush on some gray shadow in the middle of the eye lid. Take are to only slightly overlap the white shadow you already applied.

Again, using the same brush, use some black shadow and brush on to the outside of the lid taking care to only slightly overlap the gray shadow on this side.

When you have finished this step you should have three separate strips of eyeshadow ranging from lightest to darkest going outward from the inner corner of the eye.

Now take a blending brush and use it to blend the obvious lines popular false eyelash popular false eyelash between the three colors. By brushing back and forth over the eyelid you should be able to fill in the creases, and create a seamless transition between the three colors.

The next step is to use some brown shadow and brush it right above the crease of the eyelid. In this step you can blend as you go. The brown color should be visible slightly past the the black color on the outside of the eye. Use the blending brush one more time to blend everything together into a smooth looking transition from color to color. Blending is essential for this Asian make technique to look right.

If you want an even more popping look you can also use your white shadow once again to contour the application. For this use it should be applied to the brow bone itself and blended in with the rest of the popular false eyelashpopular false eyelash shadow.

To complete your new look you need to apply some black eyeliner, then some mascara and you are completely finished with your smokey eyes. After you get the hang of the process you can start playing around with a lot of different colors for even bolder looks.


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