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Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Well, what’s the secret of makeup for brown-eyed beauties? Many men know how alluring look they have fashsionable sable fur !

Let’s start with the eyeliner. If you plan an evening out, you’d

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better to turn into the eastern mystery with sensual languor and tenderness in your eyes. For the eastern makeup you should apply eyeliner along the upper eyelid at the eyelashes and along the lower eyelid carefully. The shape of the eyes should have cat bending as a result, that is incredibly fashsionable sable fur fashsionable sable fur attractive. It is better to use black eyeliner.



Shadows should be applied gradually, ranging from light tones to darker and more saturated on the external eyelids, near the tips. Generally, the most important rule in the makeup is that shadows are created for your eyes, but not vice versa. That’s why using a palette of shadows you need   fashsionable sable fur fashsionable sable fur to underline the mystery and depth of your brown eyes.

If you have light shade of skin, then you’d better to use in makeup bright cool colors: blue, green and marine tint, the color of fuchsia. For dark skin and brown eyes, it is offered an olive-brown color fashsionable sable fur fashsionable sable fur  spectrum. Exclude orange colors from makeup of brown eyes at all.

If you are the owner of the straw-colored or light blond hair, then it is better to use brown indian ink in your makeup. For raven-heads the irreplaceable option is only black indian ink. Do not forget that too fashsionable sable fur fashsionable sable fur thickly painted eyelashes look slovenly.

The most important advice given to owners of brown eyes is makeup should be done very carefully, because the dark eyes are always the object of great attention. If makeup is made properly and neatly, the power of your seduction will not have borders.


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