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Places to Make Money As a Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist, might seem like something that you could only do if you went and worked in the TV and film industry. While this is one area that employs people that know how to apply cosmetics, it is not the only way that you could earn a living doing this. The truth is that every day people need experts from time to time to take their look from the ordinary to something spectacular. This is where you could come in.

Once you get the proper training to become a makeup artist, you could start working these gigs to either earn some extra cash or even make a full time living at this. While you might know that you have a love of cosmetics and everything that is trendy, what you probably do not know is where you can go to start making money in this fabulous industry.

Option One

The one place that you could start out is by being a cosmetics salesperson at your local department store. Those high end beauty lines hire people to do makeovers and sell their products. You will probably get an hourly wage just like any person working in the retail store, but you will also receive a commission on the products that you sell once you have done the makeover as the makeup artist.

Option Two

Partnering with a salon can help to bring your services to the many women that may want them on an occasion. You can talk to hairdressers and have them offer a full day of beauty to their clients. This can be done for special nights out or just for a new look from time to time. You can also just ask to use a chair and advertise that you are a makeup artist on site for a couple of days a week doing makeovers. You will soon find your client list and pockets becoming full when you position yourself in an already busy salon.

Option Three

Prom season is one of those times when young ladies are looking to spend money to look their best. You can advertise celebrity looks for prom season in formal wear shops and other places that the women will be shopping of their prom gowns. You could even talk about putting up something at the local tanning salon about you being a makeup artist for prom season. This is a great way to make money from your love of cosmetics.

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