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Why Great Makeup Sex May Be Harmful To Your Relationship

All couples fight. No matter how lovey dovey they are to each other, no matter how many cutesy nicknames they make for one another, all couples throw down at some point or another. The fights may be minor most of the time, but every now and again you’ll have that blowout fight that threatens the entire relationship to its core. While these times are never fun, it’s usually what happens after the fight is over that makes the entire fight worthwhile. Of course we’re talking about makeup sex. There is something primal about the act of passionate lovemaking immediately following a long drawn out fight. But be careful. Makeup sex may be fun, but it could end up tearing your relationship apart china handmade mink fur lashes .

How Can Makeup Sex Be Bad?

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When you two are making up, it’s always a good time. Really, any time that you two aren’t screaming at each other is a good time. Makeup sex becomes a problem when it’s too good. Some couples, all they do is fight. They’ll wake up and immediately start digging, pushing buttons, china handmade mink fur lashes china handmade mink fur lashes anything to elicit a fight. On paper, this sounds like bizarre behavior. Why would a couple want to fight? Why wouldn’t they both try as hard as they can not to fight? Wouldn’t the relationship be better and more fulfilling for both of them if they  china handmade mink fur lashes did that?

Of course it would, but we’re talking about human behavior, which doesn’t really have to make any sense at all. Some couples fight so much that the only time they’re intimate is with makeup sex. They fight all the time just so that they can feel that emotional dump and primal urge that comes with passionate, break the bed springs, go till you pass out post-fight china handmade mink fur lashes china handmade mink fur lashes coitus. This is when this type of sex can become a problem.

Makeup Sex Spiral

How do you rectify this situation if you find that you’re living it? If you find that you are stuck in a constant state of fighting and sexing each other up? You need to recognize it and discuss it.

Open Communication

Open communication is the key to any successful relationship. Two people that fight all the time obviously aren’t china handmade mink fur lashes china handmade mink fur lashes communicating properly. Makeup sex is great, but sometimes too much of a great thing can be a problem. Without this type of sex, many couples would have split long ago. Don’t stop having sex after fighting. If you recognize an issue, talk to your partner and see if you china handmade mink fur lashes china handmade mink fur lashes can avoid the fights. Believe it or not, regular sex can be fun, too. And you don’t even have to call your partner any names (unless you’re both into that).

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